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Page Slider & Animate object


Hello, I've been asking this issue many times, but still doesn't work.


I want to use page slider and animate some objects repeatedly when the page shows up.


but there are problems, and I hope you can give an advice to fix these issues.


First problem is conflicting with another third-party widget/s, so I hope you can suggest widgets(page slider& animate object) which is not conflicting each other.


Second problem is lazy load. when I turned on lazy load, mouse scroll doesn't work well. To fix this problem, I made new project and placed new page slider widget on an empty page. And I turned on the lazy load, it doesn't work as like before.


I really really hope to use both functions page slider and animate objects.


Thank you for the support.




Hi Geumyoul,

When Page Slider is used, the scrolling behavior is borrowed by the widget, it is a simple fact and the entire purpose of the Page Slider widget, so when the user scrolls the pages show up in a unique arrangement. And on the other hand, the Animated object widget is scroll-oriented, and cannot be used on an iframe page that is fixed and does not have scrolling. So when using the Page slider widget which is made out of iframes, the scroll is not being used within the pages, and scroll-oriented widgets cannot be used inside those pages.

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