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Hamburger amphi qooqee navigation bar slide alpha - front



I make a hamburger menu (amphi qooqee navbar slide alpha) on my master.
This widget  LINK
In the master everything works fine. But once I open a page with this master I can not make that it is in the "foreground" and suddenly when the accordion menu of the burger is growing down there is all the content of the page that is over the accordion menu, whereas normally the accordion menu should hide the content of my page as when I play it in my master.
Can you explain to me how to do it ? To move to the first in a page that is linked to the master?

Otherwise I have to make the hamburger menu in each page to get to the foreground and ensure when it opens accordion to cover the content of the page.

Thank you.


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It's ok I found.

In fact I start with Muse and I made a beginner error.

I had to create a layer in the page and place it under the layer of the master so that the accordion menu was in the foreground.


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