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I am trying to activate my blog widget, but I am constantly getting error message during login attempts.
"There was a communication error during the authentication process. Please try again later."

What can I do about it?




You are probably missing the PHP file. QooQee Blog is using a separate PHP file that needs to be added in the main blog widget (the long gray bar, which says "Blog Starts Here").

To make sure that the PHP file is there, you can use an FTP client software and look inside the **Assets** folder where you published your widget (FTP main folder > Assets) and the PHP file must be there. If it is not, you can even copy it manually to your FTP.

Also, make sure that you do not register your blog on a test domain. Since you are able to activate the only on two domains please create a test folder in your FTP, activate the blog and start testing it by uploading it from Muse, and because you can have unlimited blogs on the same domain, you will be able to publish it again to the main folder when your site is ready.

Please Click Here to see how you can create a test folder in your FTP and upload your site there.



More likely you will find the answer to your questions about the blog watching this tutorial:

Click Here to watch the tutorial.

The tutorial explains all you need to know from styling the blog to installing it on your server.


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