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Page Slider previewing in browser.


Added the click & scroll fix and now my site sits at blank white screen loading for 15+ seconds....

The issue is on hosted site.

I added a gif background to overcome for now, but the page takes way too long to load. 

I had the same site and same server etc. working fine, all I did was change the widget to version 2.6 and added the click & scroll fix to each page. Now it takes 15+ seconds to load. 

Even when previewing in browser from muse it takes about 8 seconds to load at beginning. 

None of my other sites on this server have any issues. 




That is not normal, there is definitely a problem with the server you are running the website on it. I am assuming that you are previewing in a browser, in some cases, when you preview a Muse website in a browser, the link you are previewing cannot be refreshed or accessed after about 10 seconds or so (This is not about a specific widget, in general about any site we preview in Muse). 

To get the right result, since the Page Slider needs all the pages to be presented in order to run, either publish online or export as HTML and check the outcome. This is only in cases where you have a problem like what you mentioned, basically, there should be any waiting issue even in previewing, but if you publish the site, it will run with no speed issue at all.

If you still have the issue after publishing the site, submit a support ticket and let us know the URL, we will be more than happy to fix it for you.

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