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Adding images into the blog post


Hi All, new to qooqee but really enjoying the widgets.

Just a question with the Muse Blog widget - I'd like to add an image into the blog in between the text. On the Muse Blog widget page it says just drag and drop it in while creating the post. When I do that It shows me the icon of the image but when I post it there is nothing there.

Any solutions?





Hi Anthony,

Thanks for choosing QooQee.

Regarding image upload: It sounds that there is a server issue. It might be that one of the libraries is not installed or activated properly, or there might be a problem with the "POST" data communication. ("Post" is the name of the transfer method)

Feel free to open a ticket with the URL of your blog and an author account, so we can test it for you and suggest a solution.

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Benson Batty

Hi, I actually wanted the same thing but the blog doesn't let you do that. However you can upload the images you want into the assets folder of your website, get the link and insert the image between the text of your blog.

The images will not be responsive though, so you may need to add a little responsive code. This is how it normally comes up when you insert an image <img src="" alt=""> 

All you need to do is add whats in bold, don't forget to remove the old alt="" <img src="" style="width:100%;" border="0" alt="Null">

Viola! You're done 

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