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Fluid Font issue

Andrea Distefano


I have a problem with the font styling in the Fluid Font widget.
I did ( at least I tried) everything the manual told me to do, but no luck. The font stays the same (I see a "refreshing" of the main widget though).
I selected the main widget and went over to the text panel. No matter what. Web font, Websafe Font, previewing in the browser, putting it up to BC..... no change.
What did I do wrong...




There could be multiple reasons.

In most cases, it is the connection between the widget and the text box. Click Here and read this article to see what may cause such issue.

There is also something else that I see on your project and that is the "Double Arrow" icon next to the breakpoint bar, it is pointing inside, meaning that you are having a maximum width on the page, so click on it and see if that make any changes.


If you could not get it to work, send it to and we will see what causes the issue and will fix it for you.

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