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Using Smart Popup


I find the instructions incomplete for a non-developer. I have built sites using Muse and used various widgets in the process. However, this one requires more detailed instructions. Perhaps there is a video tutorial? I would appreciate any assistance the community can provide. Thanks.




Actually using the Smart pop-up is very easy, all you need to do is to place  (drag/drop) the content inside its container (which is already placed on the page, when you  drag the widget to the page) and preview the page to see the result.


In case you wanted to have a new container or use the Remote Triggering, then you can use Graphic Style to assign a new container. Click Here to see how you can assign a Graphic Style to an Object. 


If you have the problem with the Graphic Style you assigned, you can Click Here to see the article in which we explained all the possible cases where the Graphic Style could go wrong.

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