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Smart V2 for one page design

Andrew Putra Zaluchu

Hi qooqee

Is there any way to use SMART v2 to make an object start after 100% browser height?

My objective is to make a one page site with four sections, and i want to make the height of each section be responsive to the browser height. Kind of similar with what you made on REACT preview. (I actually purchased this widget because i assumed it can do what REACT did).

Please assist. Thanks in advance




Hi Andrew,

Please note that we cannot relocate objects in height unless they are fixed positioned (pinned). We could have the entire design responsive-height orientated but if we had all the objects designed and positioned that way. What I am trying to say is that in general we cannot layout the page in Muse as we always do, then expect one object jumps down unless the entire design is working towards that. 

Now if you like to have an object starts from after one browser-height, then you can do it by having SMART pushing it down, but it will push everything else down as well.

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