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Muse Blog (Display Short version)


When there are several categories and you are placed in their posts, and upload images , the posts disappear . They can be seen if user remove the check mark from the "Display a short version (blurb) instead of the entire text on the list of the posts". ( See the picture ) . If you delete the posts loaded with pictures , that all will be well . But if you write a post again and upload to the picture, there is a failure and nothing will not be published . If we continue on, then flies the entire blog . Those. cease to open the blog settings , and other buttons .


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Это помогло/ It 

Go to the online settings of your blog and turn off the "blurb" function that shows a short version of the text on the posts list page. After turning it off check if the posts appear again.

If that solves the problem, you just need to re-download the product from your QooQee account, then replace the php file in the "assets" directory. Then you can turn the "blurb" function back to on.

  1. remove the check mark from the Display a short version ...
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  3. Download the blog widget again from your QooQee account and add the new PHP file in the widget option panel.
  4. You are all set.
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