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Love the simplicity yet a few things on my wish list for now...

1. I would love to be able to have the ability to determine size, and change format for images for each post.  One size and format does not fit for every post.

2.  I'd like to attach more then one category for each post

3. I can't seem to find where I change font size.  Can't find on blog, post or muse settings.  Am I missing it?    Would like the ability to change font size and format for each post, heading etc.   Change color for too would be nice. 





I would like to attach .pdf files to my posts. Not just pictures! For now, I am attaching them with links, but it would be great to attach it to the actual post. 

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It's a great blog system but here's what id like to have

1. The ability to pin the blog to a specific area. Right now if i pin, it it doesn't scroll. so it just floats free from the rest of the design when resizing the browser window.

2. Posting without title. I usually don't have a title for my posts so i have to use a dot or a dash.

3. Posting without text. Sometimes I just like to post images without text, again i have to use a dot or dash.

4. The ability to insert the menu widget into a collapsible menu

5. Multiple categories per post

6. some kind of gallery widget or Fluid Pro integration for image/video posts

7. RSS

8. year/month/day option for date

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