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QooQee Blog - Recent Posts?

Patrick Carroll

Hi guys, loving the new blogging engine! There is the function to add Categories and the viewers can select the category to see the associated posts, is there functionality add a similar option for recent posts? So for example the viewers can see the last 5 posts? 




In the blog itself or on a separate page?
In the blog, the default order is the recency, so anytime someone clicks on the "all posts", they will see the latest posts, sorted by recency.
If you would like to show the recent posts on a DIFFERENT page, such as the home, we have a separate add-on for that, which is available for free to our customers, upon request. This will dynamically embed a set number of recent posts into a different page. Also when clicking any of them, the viewer would be redirected to that exact post on the blog page.
Please contact us if you would like to have the "Recent Posts" add-on widget for the blog.

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