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Blog translation and charset utf-8 in the categories

Higor Ferraço

Hello, I bought the blog system, I am Brazilian speaker of the Portuguese language, I have three questions:
1- Is it possible to translate the blog's words into Portuguese?
2- In the posts, there is the possibility of adding buttons to share on social networks?
3- In categories such as place additional css "charset utf-8"?




There is a possibility to turn off some english words (such as By, Category, Tags), and you could also use icons instead of those words. For "continue reading" there is a different workaround, which will give you complete freedom of changing the text:

We will soon also introduce more user-friendly features to change the wording of the frontend, in the future updates.

There is a custom widget for embedding sharing toolbars. They provide toolbars with lots of customizable sharing buttons for many social websites. Please have a look at their website, and if you want, I can send you the widget that makes the embedding work.
Also for this we will make easier solutions in the future updates.

Usually it is not necessary to indicate "charset utf-8" as they are all on the same html page. The blog itself does support all special characters (all languages), but this requires that the connections on the server be also all utf-8 compatible. We had only one customer who had problems with the special chars on the categories, and it was solved when he changed the PHP version on their server to the latest version.

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