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Styling the Muse Blog


the muse blog is just great. it is easy to use and quick in styling. but one issue occure where I can not find a solution to it:

while I have styled everything in muse (use of a webfont and fontstyles / -sizes) this styles are applied only for the overview page. by clicking f.e. on "continue reading" I get the detail article page with no applied styles here: all the styling dissapeared. 

is there a trick how to apply the styling on all pages included in the blog?

thank you for your support.





The styles should apply not only to the first page but to all of the different pages as well, so when you click on a category, or a post you will be able to see it styled, the way you styled it in Muse. You are probably missing some part in the setup process. Please submit a ticket and provide us with the URL and more details on your blog, and we will be happy to help you sort this out, thank you.

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