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Widthy widget v3.0 on iOS

Bram Vreugdenhil

Is it correct that the new version of widthy has a few options that do not work on iOS, Ipad and Iphone. (Chrome not a problem)

Options like: autoplay, mute and loop.




We have a new extension that comes with the latest version of Widthy (v.3.x) that allows you play/pause the video on browser. The Widthy widget is a HTML5 video player, and in general HTML5 videos do not play in iOS devices.

iPhones and iPads cannot play  HTML5 videos as an in-browser videos, no matter how the widget functions, and what features we have on the widget, the video cannot be played on an iOS browser directly. Please note that this is not an issue or incompatibility, this is a common behavior on iOS devices.

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