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Big big problems & bug with Smart V.2



I have 2 big problem with Smart V.2

I would like to add different hyperlinks to the images in a 2 columns gallery in fullscreen with "keeping proportion in design view" to another page for each image and open in this new page a vimeo link with another Smart image
All was and is ok with Smart V.1 ( happy to have keep the widget, disappear on the website) but with Smart V.2 impossible !
I select the widget & use the hyperlink panel at the top of the page to add link page but nothing, offline & online tests.
I click again & again and always nothing

I really don't understand Smart V.1 was really ok for all

Second problem with "keeping proportion view" 2 columns fullscreen
Between 2 break point, grid image are not "keeping proportion view" (fullscreen design) but responsive width before new breakpoint. Not really nice at all.

Hope solutions




If you want to link a thumbnail:

  1. Make sure that the option "do not include in the lightbox" in Unchecked, so that option should not be checked.
  2. Use the hyperlink panel to link the thumbnail to another page.


Note: When you link a thumbnail to another page, the thumbnail's video/image will not be included in the lightbox. For example, lets say you have 3 thumbnails and one of them is linked through the hyperlink panel, then the image or video in that thumbnail will not show up in the lightbox, so when you click on one of the two other thumbnails and lightbox opens, then you can see only the video/image in those two and the linked thumbnail's image will not be included.



If your grid is not keeping the proportion properly, you need to:

  1. Make sure that you entered the right number of largest/first breakpoint in the MAIN widget option panel, and make sure that you do not have ore than one copy of the MAIN widget, not matter how many thumbnails you have.
  2. If you have breakpoints in the Master page that is applied to the page, you can see the notions of that master page in your breakpoint bar, as small white triangles, then you need to create breakpoints on the exact places where you have those notions, no matter if you do not make any changes, then change the proportion to what you want in those breakpoints.



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