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Multiple copies of Fluid Gallery V2

Jill Hudson

Hi, I bought fluid gallery V2.1  the other week. I have put it onto one page within a website and all works well. I have now tried to put it onto another page within the same website and it doesn't show up in preview or viewing site in browser. 
Are you only allowed one fluid gallery per site? If so to make it work do I have to download another fluid widget for it to work on each page of the same site? many thanks in advance for advice.




Not really, you should be able to see the second one as well as the first one. 

First, make sure that you are not having some other third-party widget from another provider that is old and has conflict with Fluid, try removing other widgets and see if it helps. If you could not get it to work, please submit a ticket and send us your file, we will fix the issue for you, thanks.

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