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Theme Versatility Question

Christopher Williams

Can anyone tell me if I am able to combine features from One theme with another theme... Example   I REALLY like the hellenistic store and store in general in the Cozy theme... Actually I like the whole theme for My storefront or shop pages.... But it doesn't work for all the reasons I need a site... As I also need the more business and services functions of the Neat and Prodigy themes... Can I create pages using pages from both or multiple themes on one site.... 




Hi Christopher, 

Yes, of course, you can copy/paste an object from a theme to another. for example, if you like the gallery in one of the themes, you can copy the the gallery and paste it on a page in another theme. All Muse templates in QooQee are fully customizable and can be combined, but please note that some third-party widgets can have conflict. Just in case you copied a widget into a page with another widget in that page, and the page would not function correctly, please remove the widgets and try again to see if it is coming from the conflict between those widget. 

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