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Object Animation

Laurie Wachter

I just bought the object animation widget and am happy to see how many different things it does. I am trying to create a specific action for a client. Here is a link to the action - it is the flip and replace image that I bought the tool to recreate since the designer doesn't offer a Muse version. I used the flipInX action on one widget with the first image in the fill and the FlipOutX action on the second widget/image. I placed the second image in front and delayed it's action until after the first image's action was complete. It is working just fine, except that the first image pops back up after it's action is complete, even if I have it fade out. 

Can anyone suggest a solution?

Also, ideally I want this action to reverse and repeat.

Thank you!




Hi  Laurie,

There must be a way to do this by changing some values or disabling/enabling some options in the option panel, would you please submit a ticket and send us a new link or the sample, it seems that the sample site is not live anymore. It would be great if you can include some screenshots or the muse file for us to investigate and recreate the situation you are experiencing on your end, so we can find a solution. Thank you.

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