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Fluid 2.1 | Is there option to use Fluid Lightbox without stretch the images?


Hi. Is it possible to use Fluid Lightbox and not enlarge the images, just keep them in the original size?
I like the option that it can be in fluid lightbox mode, that's the reason i bought it.
But it's not useful to me when it enlarge my small images and pixelate them.

Another thing. it not give me a preview when i'm on design mode. it says "unable to generate thumbnails"

And last thing i can give a stroke to the thumbnails?




You can use the second lightbox that does not enlarge images and will show you not anything larger than original size of your image. But in the Fluid lightbox mode, the lightbox is designed to stretch the image uniquely in order to have the best possible size for the browser you are using to surf.

Please note that the thumbnails will be generated when the different parts of the widget are connected and it does not take place in the design mode, that is the limitation we have in muse, in general. So you need to preview in order to see how the gallery looks like, that is when the main part fetches the images from the categories.

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