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Can I achieve the same landing page as the linked website with the Header Page widget?

Richard Knight

HI, I am trying to achieve the same effect as this website in that when you arrive at the website you are greeted with a full page responsive slideshow then can scroll down the rest of the page leaving the slideshow at the top.

Would the Header Page widget do this? If so how would I set this up so it would work? I have tried setting the widget up as is explained on the Qooqee link but the images have bars either at the bottom or on the side and I cannot scroll? Any help would be greatly received.

Many thanks.




Even though the site that you gave the address for is not coming up, but I can understand what you are asking for. Header page might not be the best option for that, give the Other page a try and see if it does the job. The advantage of the Other page is the ability to control the anchors in the page you are nesting it.

Other Page:

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