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Pain jackson

I do not have full access to muse type kit so I can't publish my site with this audio player. Keeps popping up pick a plan from typekit  and reads error when I try to publish. I changed the font but it still says it so how am a gonna use this audio player that I have paid for its no explanation nowhere as to how to fix this.Neither does it say u need full access to typekit to publish with this audio widget.point me to how to fix this if it's fixable




The error is because of the web-fonts.
To sort out this issue, please do the following:

1) Quit Muse
2) Go to the Creative Cloud Desktop app and Sign Out from Preferences (it's in a menu off the gear icon).
3) Quit Creative Cloud Desktop.
4) Relaunch Creative Cloud Desktop.
5) Sign In.
6) Relaunch Muse.

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