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IDEA - Zoom a pic to full size.


Hi its me again - thanks for your help and interest. I thought I would post my suggestion here to see if anyone else liked it.
I need a widget that has an image that is properly cropped (I control cropping). Then it allows the viewer to click on the image or an icon and a much larger view comes up. I really like the Image Field widget, but it has not been working for me. I think I need a simpler version. No type is needed. I do not need special cursors - just an Icon on top or a click to expand logo like the ones on YouTube videos, and then an escape or collapse icon to get the user back to the original place. Simple and straightforward. I will use it on every picture.
IDEA #2 an icon I can place inline with text to indicate that there is a picture that goes with the text. The viewer clicks the icon, the large picture pops up, then the viewer clicks the picture to make it go away.




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