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I'm having trouble getting the widget to speak with my Shopify test account. I've double checked that all the codes and wording are correct, but they don't seem to want to speak to each other. Anyone have any thoughts?




Hello Markus,

In your case, the issue could be the connection between Shopify and your site. Please follow these instructions and go through all these steps:
1. Do not use Capital letters in naming the options/variations in your Shopify backend.
2. Do not use any space and/or special characters in naming the options/variations in Shopify backend.
3. Use only English alphabets to name your options. Note that you will be able to change those names to what you want in your Muse file but to target them they need to be all in small letter, not special character, and all in English alphabets.
4. Double check the API Key / Store Name / Product ID / and the options/variable names. Make sure they are exactly the same as in your Shopify account.

These Steps are important to be checked one-by-one :


If it did not help, it could also be due to conflict with another content on the page, or with another third-party widget/s. To check if it is the widget or conflict with your design or another content.

1. Place the widget on an empty page, in an empty project and simulate that situation without all the content you have on the original page.
2. if the problem is solved then try to remove the other content on the original page one-by-one to find which one is causing the issue, and when (after removing which one) the issue is gone.
3. if the issue insists on the empty page, then please try another browser, and possibly another machine.
4. If you are getting the same result on all the browser you are testing the empty page with, then publish it to a test URL and we will be happy to look into it.

Make sure to start from a fresh copy of the widget, your configuration on the widget may be broken and is causing the issue. In such a case you may have to check your configurations on the widget options panel as well.**



Please, also [Click Here]( to look at the Shopify Help/resources and make sure you have followed all the requirements.

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