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Self hosted fonts

Balz Egger

hi all,

i work with licensed self hosted fonts they're not available in typekit. if i use a self hosted font the blog page crashes, nothing shown. with system fonts or fonts from typekit its all good. 

we need the option to use self hosted fonts. any solutions?

thanks and best,




Hi Balz,

If you do not have access to the Typekit fonts, you can simply select the MAIN widget and/or any of the pieces of the widget that you have on the page, including the content that we customize for the posts and assign a new font to them in Muse, through the text panel. In general, by selecting all the Blog parts in Muse, and changing the font on them, you do not use the Original fonts anymore and you can assign any font to them.


As far as the self-hosted fonts, that was an issue on the earlier version which has been fixed and now is fixed, all you need to do is to download the widget again and replace the MAIN widget, or if you also have a Recent post, replace that one as well, then publish again and you are all set.

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