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Bite template menu


I bought the Bite template because out-of-the-box it was exactly what I need. However as I opened it up in Muse the menu was nothing as it was in the preview at all. 
Why would I want my main site menu at the bottom right?? 
I would like to know how to get it to be exactly like it is within the preview for the template.

Anyone could help that would be great!


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So I've been changing settings within the menu all day. Right after posting my initial question I found the issue.

Under the Tooltip Navigation widget's control panel in 'small-screen layout' the 'switch to smaller-screen panel after this...' had be set to 1280px wide which was giving me a I suppose a smaller 'mobile' type menu...

If anyone wants images showing how I fixed it for myself, just let me know. 

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