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Stand-alone Thumbnails - different shape



I just purchased the pass and I'm experimenting with Fluid Pro and was wondering if it's possible to use a different shape for

the stand-alone thumbnails or in general all thumbnails. 

I wanted a shape that looks like a square but rotated 45 degrees. I hope you know what I mean.

One way it could be achieved is to rotate the stand-alone thumbnail and use an thumbnail-image that ist rotated 45 degrees in the other direction.

The only problem I have with that is that the title and description is still rotated.


Do you have maybe a workaround for that or is it simply not possible to achieve that?


Thank you very much




Hi Mahir,

We will be able to resize and move the thumbnails to any position and in any proportion that you want for sure, having them as a square is not an issue, but the rotation might not work with the title and description as well, and they may still stay on the original 0-degree rotation.

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