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Muse blog Question



This message  "Could not generate code to enable one or more web fonts on page 'blog'. [Error 400: Font not Available]" keeps popping up when I wanna upload my muse blog. it doesn't come up when I don't have the muse blog page so I don't know what I'm doing wrong


Thank you




This is a Typekit font issue not Muse or widget issue. According to Adobe support:
The original bug that triggered this error for many customers from mid-July through mid-September 2015 was fixed by an update to CCLibraries that was part of an update of the Creative Cloud Desktop application that went live in mid-September 2015. Since that time there are still a few customers encountering this error. In those cases the cause appears to be a mismatch in the login status between Muse, Typekit and the Creative Cloud Desktop app.

  1. To correct this mismatch please do the following:
  2. Quit Muse
  3. Go to the Creative Cloud Desktop app and Sign Out from Preferences (it's in a menu off the gear icon).
  4. Quit Creative Cloud Desktop.
  5. Relaunch Creative Cloud Desktop.
  6. Sign In.
  7. Relaunch Muse.

At this point you should be able to publish, upload, etc. and your Typekit fonts should work without errors.

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