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FullScreen Youtube IOS

Andrea Distefano

HI Guys!

I'm tying to set up a website with a fullscreen video background.

Everything works with your widget except for ios diveces... why ?

this is the website


Thank you so much





If you are using Widthy widget, Fullscreen video widget, the Vimeo fullscreen widget, or in general any widget that is using HTML5 video and/or is used as a background video widget, please note that HTML5 videos do not play on handheld devices, especially on iOS devices.
We cannot have background videos on most phone and tablet devices, in general. note that this is not any issue with the widgets, and generally not an issue at all, iOS devices just cannot play video backgrounds, there may be some non-iOS devices that are having the ability to play HTML5 videoS in the background but in majority of handheld devices this is impossible, and that is why you cannot see your video on the phone/tablet devices.

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