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Debit card payment

Sasikumar Janakiraman

Hi, I have been trying to complete my payment but it's unsuccessful, It shows the payment has been blocked by the service provider. 
I spoke with my bank and they said me they haven't blocked any payment and they also said me that you're insisting me to open a paypal account. But i don't want to open an account. 

I really have to buy some widgets, can you please help me out with this issue.

Thank you




You can simply ignore the "opening PayPal" account part, that is optional and you do not have to necessarily create the PayPal account.  

We are aware that PayPal has blocked some countries and since we only process the payments through PayPal, we have been limited to accept payments from those countries. However, we are adding a new payment method soon, in probably less than a month you will be able to pay directly completely outside of PayPal.

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