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ultimate pass limit



I would like to ask about the limit of the ultimate pass there a number of downloads that I can not exceed?

Another question, are you guys flexible to edit the design for me if I asked to (for example: adding a sub-page)? 





Hi Deyaa,


There is a download number next to each download, but it does not limit you in terms of how many times you can download it, even if the number turns 0, it refreshes itself on each update, or you can submit a ticket and we can refresh it for you so you can download again even if you have downloaded more than that. 

About "adding a sub-page"; each template has pages that can be easily duplicated and altered within muse easily, there is no need for an extra work, you can simply add an empty page to a template, or duplicate one and alter it. However, if you need to order a custom-design page or something tailored based on what you require from scratch, unfortunately, we do not have custom-design service at this moment. Having said that, if you stopped by any issue along the way, just let us know and we will be happy to help you sort it out.

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