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Graphic Style Button Active state?

Tapacirer NS

We are given the option to assign any Graphic Styled object as the button for the category switching in Fluid Pro but I can't seem to find a way to have Active state of the object show up when the corresponded category is selected. All I have are Normal and Rollover states. When the category (such as ALL) is selected my button reverts to Normal state.

Is there anyway around this behaviour?




Unfortunately, not exactly the way you are expecting it to be. The objects that are being transferred into buttons for the gallery, by using Graphic Style, cannot be shown as active when the corresponding category is showing, that is why we have added the active state tot he button widgets so you will be able to have that separately and design it on a category widget, note that those category widgets can be pretty much in any shape and form an be styled just like a rectangle object in Muse so you should be fine using those to style the button and at the same time having the active state.

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