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Colored box/background Not expanding with Thumbnails for FluidPro

Tony Boutwell

I have a video background element that is important at the top of the page. Further down where I have fluid pro the thumbnails I do not want to see that background so I have placed all the fluidpro elements on top of a colored box.But when the thumbnails get deeper than the box the box does not auto expand with them. It DOES push all other elements below it down - just not the color box element it is sitting on top of. Is there a way to place it in an area that will expand/shrink with the thumbnails as the categories are clicked. I have the box set to stretch to browser width along with the fluid pro elements so they will fill the screen. I had read in an earlier answer about pinning causing issues so I have no elements pinned either.




Hi Tony,


You can remove the box and simply assign a background color to the Fluid container, that way, as the container expands, you will get the background behind the thumbnails.

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