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In Lucid theme, services page, there is a readmore button. If I add long text to its pop up, I can't slide down text. I need to add very long text.

And also  I think there is a new update for this theme :) Shoul I go on working with old one or should i rebuild with new one?





Hi Merhabaturgut,


Thank you for reaching out. The container you are talking about is a composition widget and as you may know, the amount of content we can put in a lightbox of a composition widget is somewhat limited, depends on the size of the breakpoint and the size of the container in that breakpoint. For a large amount of data, I would suggest using a separate page, and a simple button for read more. So you can create a simple and minimal page then place your content there and link the read-more button to that page, it would be even better for your SEO if you manage to assign proper H tags and style it properly, this is generally a better idea when you have more than a certain amount of text/content.


The Update was mostly on a few widgets, not the entire structure of the template, I would suggest you to keep working on the project you already started,and if you stopped by some strange behavior from a widget, then you can simply download that single widget again from your account and replace only that one widget, it will save you time not to recreate all the template that you have already modified. 

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