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Fluid font widgets appears on the published site

Peter Hedley

I implemented fluid font widgets from QooQee.

However, some of these fluid font widgets appear on the page when

1. the site is in preview mode

2. the site is uploaded to the Business Catalyst

Are these widgets supposed to be invisible right?

How can I be sure these won't appear when publishing my website live?

Currently, some (not all) appear in the previews and in the Adobe Business Catalyst pre-publish site, so I am hesitant to take the risk.

Please advise and thanks

Peter Hedley




Hi Peter,

You can simply move them outside of the design area, preferably to the left-top side of the page on the gray area, and pin them there. So when you pin them to the top-left side (Fixed pinning), and they are outside of the design area on the top-left side, they will never show up whatsoever.

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