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fluid font widget is changing line-height settings

Andrea Flug

Hi there,

i’m using the fluid font widget and it works quite well. BUT the widget reduces the line-height i’ve set … my setting is 140%. The widget reduces it to about 100% which seems to be the average setting. Is there a way to fix that?





Unfortunately, there is no option within the widget to achieve this, but you can use the following code to take care of that:


<style>.ParagraphStyleName { line-height: 150% !important;}</style>


  • Change 150% to any percentage that you want.
  • The ParagraphStyleName should be changed in the code to the paragraph style name that you assigned to the text box.


Go to the same page where you placed the widget. Then paste the code and it creates a small HTML container, then you can move the container to a side and pin it so when you preview/publish it will not get over your content.
you can also go from the top menu to **Object > Insert HTML...** and it opens a page where you can insert the code, and after you paste and click ok it gives you the exact same container.

**Pinning note:** to Pin the generated HTML container, select the container (which looks like an empty box with a checkerboard pattern, then use the pinning option to pin it to the top-left side. Then move the container outside of the design area, on the top-left side.

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