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What are the Selling Plans?

Add Selling Plan Block

Remove the original Selling Plan block



What are the Selling Plans

The Selling Plans (subscriptions) represent how products can be sold and purchased. Selling Plans can add them through a Third-Shopify app.

Click here to see the list of Shopify apps you can be used for the selling plan.


Add Selling Plan block

  1. Go to the Product page in the Theme Editor.
  2. Click on the "Add block+" button under the Product tab, and add Selling Plan block
    • adding_selling_plan.gif


Remove the original Selling Plan block

The Selling Plan block will automatically replace the original Selling Plan (Subscription) widget that would be added by a subscription app.


If the original block did not disappear automatically →  

  1. Inspect the CSS Class name of the Original Selling Plan block. You can get the Class name by inspecting the Dom element in Google Chrome. 
  2. Enter the CSS Class name in the Original widget class text field in the Selling Plan block option.
    • selling_plan_original_css_class_block_options.png










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