Applying Cookies Plugin

Step by step instruction

If you are using the plugin in a template (such as Blume, in which the plugin is already set up), you do not need to do most of these steps.


  1. Open the project that was added to your Webflow account after purchasing the Cookies Plugin, QooQee Webflow Cookies Plugin.
  2. Open the page  Cookies Element & Info.
    • webflow_cookies_02.jpg
  3. Select the Cookies Info Box, then copy it to the clipboard (Cmd⌘ + C).
    • webflow_cookies_02.gif
  4. Navigate to your own Webflow project, create a new page in your project and paste (Cmd⌘ + V) the Cookies info box there.

    This new page in your project can be set as Draft, this page serves only for the purpose of keeping the activation in your own project.
  5. Activate the plugin (How to activate?) and enter the activation key in the white empty box (Cookies Activation)
  6. Select the Cookies Activation and turn it into a Symbol.
    • c12.jpg
  7. Go to the page/pages where you have want to apply the Cookies plugin and create a Div Block.
    • DBBSZ_qooQee.jpg
  8. place the Activation symbol that you created inside this Div Block and set the Display of the Div Block to "none".
    The idea is to have the activation in all pages, but not set its own display to none, so we can still edit its content from the Cookies Info page. 
    • displaynone.jpg
  9. Go back to the page where you have the Cookies Info Box, then select and copy (Cmd⌘ + C) the Cookies Plugin.

      • c3.png
  10. Go to the page where you have the element and:
    • a. Select the element that is to be affected by the Cookies Plugin.
    • b. Paste the Cookies plugin.

    • c4.jpg
  11. Give a unique name to the Cookies PluginEach copy of the plugin must have a unique name.

    • Make sure that each copy of the Cookie Plugin has a unique name. Do not give the same name to another copy of the plugin that is used for a different element.
    • a. Select the Cookies Plugin.
    • b. Go to the Element Settings tab.
    • c. Add a new Custom Attribute and name it cookie-name (All small letter). Then add a unique name for its value. By "unique", it means that no two copies of Cookies Plugin can have the same name, on the same page.

    • c11.jpg
The Cookies Plugin (the yellow box) will automatically disappear on the live website, but you can also put it's display to none so you do not see it while designing.





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