Main panel [Color Ranger]

Color Ranger v.1 main panel includes the following parts:


1. Element types

2. Adjustments

3. Presets

4. Buttons

5. Preferences










1. Element types

Color Ranger can adjust color values on each of the following element types:



When the Shape is selected, the changes apply to the following element types:


  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Circle
  • Path
  • Text (background)
  • Artboard (background)

When the Stroke is selected, the changes apply to the following element types:


  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Circle
  • Path
  • Stroke
  • Text (stroke)

When the Stroke is selected, the changes apply to the following element types:


  • Text (Font color)
Image When the image is selected, the changes apply to the following element types:
  • Any element with Image fill.



The plugin does not have any effect on Masked Groups.


2. Adjustments

Adjustments can be used to manipulate colors on the selected elements.



From -100% to +100%

When the Brightness adjustment is on 0%, brightness stays unchanged.


From -100% to +100%

When the Saturation adjustment is on 0%, saturation stays unchanged.


From 0 to 360

When the Hue adjustment is on 0, the hue stays unchanged.

Color depth

From 0% to +100%

The depth of applied brightness to the colorized elements (elements that are not grayscale). For example: Imagine that you have a light gray background on your artboard (so the background is grayscale, with no color saturation), and you also have a button on the page with blue background (so the button has a colored background, it is not grayscale). Now when you change the brightness to 100%, the background color turns white (fully brightened), but the blue button is not affected as much since it is colorized. This is when the Color depth handle can be used to define how much the brightness effects that colorized element (the blue button in this case).

Opacity Opacity adjustment is available when the element type is image.

The opacity value defines the opacity of the overlay layer that is placed on the top of the images.


In order to colorize images, Color Ranger adds an overlay container with a transparent fill. If you want images to remain unchanged, disable the images option in the Settings Panel since changing the opacity in the Adjustments area will still create an overlay element on top of each image.



3. Presets

There are two default presets that will be on the plugin by default, Dark Theme, and Light Theme. You can use these icons to use, create and manage your presets.

See the Presets article for more details about the presets.

4. Buttons

  • Apply
  • After you have changed the adjustments, click on the apply button and the changes will be applied to the selected elements/artboards.
  • Close
  • By clicking on the close button at any time, the plugin will be closed. You can also close the plugin by pressing the Escape (ESC) key.


3. Preferences

You can use these icons to access the plugin settings and get back to the adjustment page.

See the Settings article for more details about the settings panel.


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