Main panel [PhotoSplash]

PhotoSplash v.1 main panel includes the following parts:


1. Source selection

2. Saved photos

3. Search bar

4. Most-used keywords

5. Preview panel

6. Action buttons (Apply / Close)

7. Info panel 










This is a tutorial for the PhotoSplash Pro. The regular version functions similar to the pro version, but has less features and options.



1. Source selection


  • Keywords
  • You can search for photos using any keywords (cat, dog, etc..), and you will get random photos that are related to the keywords you have searched for.
  • User
  • Use an Unsplash username to load the photos of that specific user. When you are in a user's public profile page, you will be able to find the username in the address bar, followed by a @ character. For example, QooQee's Unsplash username is QooQee :username.gif 
  • Collection
  • You can use any collection ID (curated/non-curated). Enter the collection ID in the search bar (When the collection source is selected), and you will get the photos in that collection.
  • You can find the collection ID in the address bar when you are in the collection's page.
  • Note that the collection ID contains only digits:
  • collection.gif
  • Unsplash collections
  • Random
  • Randomly loads a number of photos that can be selected to be applied to the elements.


2. Saved photos

To access the saved photos you can click on the Saved photo icon.

How to save a photo?

How to remove a photo?


3. Search bar

You can use the search bar to input the keywords you want to search for. After entering the keyword you can simply press enter and the search results will appear.


4. Mos-used keywords

The tags in this section show the keywords you used the most. The order of the tags is based on the number of times you have searched for a keyword. 

  • e.x. If you have searched for the terms "minimal" 10 times, and for the word "modern" 5 times, the word minimal will be at the very right of the list of your tags.

To remove a keyword, simply click on the close icon on the left side of its tag. 


If you remove a keyword, all the history of that keyword will be removed.

For example, after removing a keyword that appears among the tags, and search for that keyword again, it may no appear again among the mostly-used keywords since all the history of the keyword is being removed, and there could be other keywords that are being used more than once, so they appear instead.


5. Preview panel

After you searched for a term or opened the selected the random panel, you will see the results as thumbnails in the Preview panel.

You can select the photos you want to apply to the elements within the preview panel.


6. Action buttons

  • Apply
  • After you have selected the photos you would like to apply to the elements on the page, click on the apply button and the applying process starts.
  • Close
  • By clicking on the close button at any time, the plugin will be closed. You can also close the plugin by pressing the Escape (ESC) key.

7. Info panel

Every photo that you use is a contribution to the community by an amazing photographer, so we show the photographer's Unsplash's profile logo and their name, with a link to their Unsplash profile.

The info panel appears when you select on a photo. To see the photographer's profile, simply click on their name (underlined) and your browser will open and direct you to their Unsplash profile. 

To see the info of a photo that is already selected, click on the photo thumbnail in the preview panel to deselect it, and click on it again to select it again, this opens the info panel for that photo.

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