Activating products [Webflow]

Follow these steps to activate a Webflow Plugin on your domain.


You can activate one domain for each purchased license, and the registered domains cannot be changed or removed. 

If you purchased a template in which there is a plugin, and you also purchaed the plugin separately, then you will have two available domain registrations.

Select the plugin you want to activate, and you will see the number of remaining domains below the activation panel.


  1. Login to your QooQee account.
  2. Click on the Activation button, to open up the Activation page.
  3. Click on "Select a product".

  4. From your Activation dropdown list, select the product you would like to activate.
  5. Type the domain URL of the website you would like to register the widget with and select activate (e.x, or select from the previously used domains. 

  6. Click on the Activate button.
  7. A pop-up appears for you to confirm the domain name, double-check and select Confirm.

  8. Click on the copy icon,Copy_Icon.png to copy the key, or do it manually by selecting it and copying it. Then paste your key into your Webflow project



For each plugin, the page where you enter/paste the activation key may have a different name. read the documentation of the plugin to see where to paste the code in that specific plugin.









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