Creating a simple gallery

Steps to create a simple gallery: 

  1. Click on the Create New Collection button (or use a collection you already have)
    • new_collection.jpg
  2. Add an Image field to the collection.
    • fl05.jpg
  3. Add your collection items and image for each collection. You can add as many other fields as you want, but you need to have at least an image in each item to be used in the Fluid gallery.
  4. Back in the page where you want to have your gallery, create a Collection List item for your collection. 
    • fl06.jpg
  5. Select one of the Collection items and set the Background Image to be loaded from the image field you added in the collection.
    • fl10.jpg
  6. Add the Plugin Link to the Custom Code section of the page, if you have not already (Click Here to learn how).
  7. Now you can Style The Lightbox.







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