Can I have bulk thumbnail images link to separate pages?

Bulk thumbnail widgets can be linked to one page per instance. Every thumbnail loaded to the widget will link to the one link applied through the Hyperlinks panel.

How do I link images in my Fluid Infinity gallery to other pages?

You can add each link separately in google sheets or you can use the single thumbnail and add links to images individually.
To add links to the single thumbnail, first select which image you want to add a link to. Then in the hyperlinks panel add your link.

Can I change the arrow icons in the Multilevel Accordion widget?

Yes, in the Main widget options panel go to Main Settings’ and uncheck Arrows’. Then go to your Tab option panel, Styling’, and add your icon file for Icon default state and Icon open state. You can do this for each individual tab.

Do the Multilevel Accordion menu items have to be in the container?

No, only the Panel of the Multilevel Accordion widget has to be in the menu container. The other items should be to the left margin of the page.

How do I create sublevels in the Multilevel Accordion widget?

  1. Select the Tab that you would like to create a SubLevel for. 
  2. Duplicate the Tab to replicate the Tabs style. If you would like to adjust the style of this tab, use Muse’s native styling tools. 
  3. Open the new Tabs Option Panel and enter the Parents ID into the respective area. This ID must be inputted verbatim as it is seen in the Parents Tab. 
  4. Give the new Tab an ID. 

How do I style the Composition thumbnail triggers?

In the Single Project page, you will find a composition widget with colored bullets that are used to trigger the slideshow. 
Here’s how you create them and add animation through the States panel.
Step One
Start with a black composition cleared of all styling.
Step Two
Next, go to the Trigger Buttons and give them a color in the fill panel.
Step Three
Then, go to the Radius panel at the top of Muse and add a value of 100 to create a circle. It helps if your trigger buttons are already squares, so resize them if necessary.



Step Four
Change the appearance of the trigger when clicked on by selecting one of the buttons selecting the active state from the States Panel
Step Five
Change the color in the Fill panel.
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