How To: Lightbox Items Filtering

The Fluid Infinity widget allows for advanced filtering and sorting for your gallery items by using the filter, category and lightbox settings features. Continue reading to learn how to use these features to create pro galleries for your Muse projects. 

Create a lookbook lightbox gallery that includes only the additional views of the main item selected.



Step One

Create the main thumbnails that will be included on the page for your gallery. Each individual thumbnail should have their own category name, for example, itemone, itemtwo, itemthree and so on. Each gallery thumbnail may have only one category but is not limited to the number of filters it includes. The items you would like included on the page should have their Appearance set to Thumbnail and Lightbox.




Step Two

Create the additional thumbnails that will be included only in the lightbox once its main thumbnail is selected. These additional thumbnails should have the same category applied to them that is applied to their main thumbnail. For example, Item 1 and all of its additional thumbnails have the category itemone, Item 2 and all of its additional thumbnails have the category itemtwo. The additional thumbnails should have their Appearance set to Lightbox Only. 




Step Three

Open the Container Option Panel>Lightbox Settings, and select only the Same Category checkbox found at the top of the section. 





Now style your gallery and preview your project to see that the main thumbnails you added to your gallery are showing in the in-page Container gallery. Once you select one of these thumbnails, your lightbox will include the additional images for this category. 

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