Alongside Facebook, you have the option of using Disqus, a free and minimal commenting system, on your gallery. 

To connect your Disqus account to your gallery, you need a "Disqus shortname"

Disqus Shortname

Getting a Disqus Shortname is very easy, follow these steps to get your shortname:

  1. Sign Up here for a Disqus account, if you do not have one already.
  2. After you are logged in, Click Here to go to the "Create new site" page.


  3. Enter your information and click on the "Create site" button.
  4. Once your site has been created, you will be pushed to your Admin page. Select Settings from the top of the page and the select the site you created when prompted.


  5. Select the General tab found in the menu to the right, and find and copy your shortname from the page.




Your Shortname and App ID should be copied into the Container widgets comment section exactly as it is found within the browser. Any discrepancies can cause the browser to incorrectly transfer your commenting data.
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