Activations FAQ


Do I need to activate all the widgets?

No, not all the widgets require activation. You will see an activation panel in those widgets that are required to be activated.


How many Licenses can I have?

If a widget requires being activated, you can see the number of activations at the bottom of the activation list for that widget, in the activation page, in your account.


Can I remove or change a License?

Once you have created a License, it cannot be removed or changed. Double check the domain name before confirming the activation.


Where do I find the Activation area?

Login to your QooQee account and click on the activation button in the middle of the page.


What are the additional keys, in my widget, for?

If you find that you have a website with multiple URLs, you may add additional keys to your widget so it will be working on all those URLs, without exporting multiple times.

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