Table Pro FAQ

FAQ 1. I have my Google Sheet key but my table isn't displaying.

You most likely have some type of formatting applied to your table. Table Pro works best when the formatting of your table is as simple as possible (default formatting is best). Select the entire table (command + a) and then go to Format > Clear Formatting. 

If it still doesn't work then please follow the instructions below:

- Open the original google sheet. Hit Command + A (or ctrl + a for windows).
- Copy the data by hitting Command + C (or ctrl + c for windows).
- Create a new google sheet.
- Go to Edit > Paste special > Paste values only 

FAQ 2. Why isn't my table pushing down the content below it?
To solve this problem, you can create a rectangle, set it to “stretch to browser width”.
Place the rectangle below your table, but above the other content that you want, to be pushed down. Now, when people change the number of rows showing, the table will push down the content below it. We can just leave the rectangle with no background color so nobody can see it on the design, it just helps the table to push other content down.

FAQ 3. Do I need to change the sharing settings of my google sheet in order to connect it to Table Pro?
No, you do not need to change the sharing settings of your google sheet. You simply need to publish it to the web.
However, if you want to use the Download Button feature, the sharing settings for your google sheet must be set to “public”. You can place the sheet on “view only” so that others cannot change the contents of your google sheet.
  • Additional information on changing your sharing settings can be found here.
  • Additional information on google sheet sharing settings can be found here.

FAQ 4. Is my google sheet file still private if I publish it to the web?
Yes, as long as it is set to ‘Private to only me’ then only you can edit the google sheet file.
When you publish a google sheet, a copy of the original file is made. The copy is the file that people see when they visit your website. It doesn’t carry over sharing permissions, so anyone will be able to see it. You’ll still have your original file with the same sharing permissions. Only people with the view, edit, or comment permissions will be able to view, edit, or comment on your original file.

FAQ 5. Can I connect a CSV file to Table Pro?

FAQ 6. Can I have more than one Table Pro on the same page?
Yes, you may have multiple tables on the same page. Each table should have its own unique name and the parts connected to that table should follow the name given to the table within the Option Panel.
Make sure you have followed these rules for duplicating tables:
  • A unique name for each table on the page through the widgets Option Panel.
  • The table name on the search bar and row number need to be identical to the table it accompanies.
  • The Previous, Next and Download buttons should have unique Graphic Style names applied for each table they accompany. Enter the Graphic Style names into the main widget options panel, under the assigning tab.
    • Example: table01_prev, table02_prev etc.

FAQ 7. My search bar/rows number isn't working.
Make sure that the table name for your rows number and search bar widgets exactly match the table name in the main widget option panel.

FAQ 8. My table isn't fitting on my mobile breakpoint.
Make sure that you are changing your font size for your mobile breakpoint. You can do this by selecting your table and changing the font size in the Text Panel.  
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