Connecting Google Sheet to Table Pro

Step One
If you don’t have one already, create a google account and then create a google sheet with all of your data in it.

Step Two
Open the google sheet that you want to connect.

Step Three
Click on File > Publish to the web…


Step Four
Click on Entire Document and select the name of the sheet that you want to publish.

Step Five
Click publish and then ok.

Step Six
Go to the url
Select the part that comes after spreadsheets/d/. This is the google sheet key. Then copy it and open Muse.

Step Seven
Open the Table Pro’s main widget option panel. Open the Main Settings tab. Paste the google sheet key beside Google sheet key.
Now, whenever you make a change to your google sheet your Table will be automatically updated.
You do not need to change the sharing settings of your google sheet in order to publish it to the web.
Click here for additional help on publishing a google sheet.



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