Important Tips

  1. Keep the MAIN widget on the page to the upper outer left. Do not delete the MAIN widget. If you delete MAIN then the widget won't work properly.

  2. Don't have multiple item variation widgets for an item. 

  3. When using item variations, set the price on the Add To Cart Button (Buy Button) to 0. If you don't the price you put in the item variations and the Add To Cart button will be added together at checkout.

  4. You can style the text through the Text panel. For the Added Item widget, you can change the font size through the widget option panel.

  5. To preview your logo at PayPal's checkout, you must first Upload Site to FTP host.

  6. Don't delete the existing graphic styles.

  7. State buttons work as a container, you can place text and images into it. You can also enable hover effects.
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