Customizing the Slide Show

Accent uses a slide show on the project page and on the process page. 


Slide Show customization options

Transition speed: The higher the number the slower the transition
Transition Orientation:

Parts: You can add custom next and previous arrows
To do this simply click on the next or previous slider arrow 
You can replace the arrow using a custom image by
1. Selecting the fill panel
2. Upload your own custom image
To change the background color of the arrow button click on color in the fill panel


Responsive Slide Show

The slideshow on the Process Page uses QooQee’s Responsive Slide Show widget.
To Replace Slideshow Images
  1. Right click on slide image
  2. Click replace image
To Add Slideshow Images
1. Click on the slideshow
2. Open the options
3. Select Add Images
*Note: If you want text, make sure it is on the layer above the slideshow. 



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