MAIN widget


Important Note


The MAIN widget is needed in order for the widget to work. Make sure that you place it on the outer top left of your page.



Not including the MAIN widget will cause your widget to not work.



Main Controls

Paypal Email Address:
Enter the email address that you used to create an account at PayPal. If you don’t have one, please read this article to create one. Paypal accounts are free to create.
Accept a wide variety of currencies.
Flat Rate Shipping:
Checking this box will enable a flat rate shipping price on a customer’s order. This means that they’ll be charged the flat shipping price regardless of how many items they order.
Return & Cancel Pages:
Please click here to read the article that explains this feature in detail.
By default, your PayPal email appears in the top left of the checkout page.
However, you have the option of having your logo appear instead of your email (as seen in the example below). The logo should be 150 x 50 pixels.
 Note: your logo will not show up on small breakpoints.

Cart Panel
In this section you can control the Cart Panel behavior and overlay appearance. 
Open the cart when button is clicked:
Refers to the Add To Cart button. When this box is checked, clicking on the Add To Cart button will cause the cart to pop up instead of the notification.
Empty Cart Message:
This message appears if you try to view the Cart Panel when there is nothing inside of it.

Notification Position
Choose where the notification appears.



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